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2011: ATSA The Pigeons Club


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ATSA: The Pigeons Club. People playing badminton on a fake swimming pool surface with others looking on.

ATSA: The Pigeons Club

The Pigeons Club is a participatory performance in which a public square is transformed into a faux beach resort, complete with a fake swimming pool . In this video passersby play badminton, bingo or mini-golf, sing karaoke and enjoy themselves. There are brief interviews with several prticipants and the creating artists. 5:18.

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The Pigeons Club was a weekend event in Pigeon Park, a well known DTES landmark - turning the park into an all-inclusive resort with activities such as karaoke, bingo, screenings, yoga and badminton and amenities, including a pool, shuffleboard and a golf course.

The project engaged the people in the square for two days in May and raised questions of exclusivity and non inclusivity. The locals participated fully in the project and visitors to the area were often wide-eyed to come across this activity in the Park. Located between Gastown and Chinatown tourist areas, the park is often many people's only view of the DTES and for vacationing locals it is not usually on the agenda.

Included in this project was the film In This Mean Time that ATSA made after a 4 week residency in Vancouver in 2010. ATSA had developed the project over several years and had made 4 trips to Vancouver, meeting the DTES community and organizations, including the Carnegie Centre, The Portland Hotel Society, W2, Centre A and Gallery Gachet.

ATSA is best know for there annual State of Emergency, bringing together most of the homeless in Montreal for a five day festival in the city core. Vancouver DTES was a new experience for them and the project developed from their research and was successful in engaging one of Vancouver's most difficult audiences.


Glenn Alteen


ATSA: Annie Roy and Pierre Allard

Coordination and Publicity:

Demian Petryshyn


Elisha Burrows

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